L to R: David Bryan, Alec John Such, Jon Bon Jovi, Tico Torres, Richie Sambora

Pictures courtesy of Discogs and The Atlantic

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Happy Wednesday Metalheads! To round out our power ballad series for this month, today we take a trip back to 1985 to the second album by Bon Jovi, called “7800 Fahrenheit” for the track “Only Lonely”.

7800 farenheit

The song did fairly well on the music charts, putting Bon Jovi on the map, however the band tends to credit their success to their next album, Slippery When Wet. Singer Jon Bon Jovi has stated in interviews that when they recorded this album, the members of the band were all going through a tough time on a personal level and never want to revisit that time of their lives again. The song however was used in the 1987 film “Light of Day” with Michael J. Fox and Joan Jett.

Check out the video for “Only Lonely” below:

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