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Happy Wednesday Metalheads. Today let’s take a trip back to 1986 to the second album by Metal Church called “The Dark.” This was the last Metal Church album to feature the lineup of  David Wayne – vocals, Kurdt Vanderhoof  and Craig Wells – guitars, Duke Erickson – bass and Kirk Arrington – drums.

metalchurchsong the dark

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The album dedicated to Metallica bassist Cliff Burton focuses on such dark themes as death and struggle. The band’s first music video for “Watch The Children Pray” received substantial airplay on MTV’s Headbangers Ball and the song “Ton of Bricks” was used as the opening song for Charlie Sheen’s 1987 movie ” No Man’s Land.” The track listing for The Dark is as follows:

  1. Ton Of Bricks
  2. Start The Fire
  3. Method To Your Madness
  4. Watch The Children Pray
  5. Over My Dead Body
  6. The Dark
  7. Psycho
  8. Line Of Death
  9. Burial At Sea
  10. Western Alliance

In 1998, Metal Church reunited with original singer David Wayne, however their reunion was short-lived when Wayne left the band for the second time in 2001. Sadly he passed away in 2005 due to complications from a car crash. While the band had called it quits in 2009, they reformed in 2012 with singer Ronny Munroe. Ronny however departed in 2014 and the band announced that singer Mike Howe, who sang with the band from 1988-1994 would officially rejoin the fold.

Check out the video for “Watch The Children Pray” below:



L to R: Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Carr and Ace Frehley

Happy Friday Metalheads!  Today we’re going back to the ninth studio album by KISS titled Music From “The Elder” released November 10, 1991. This was the last album to mark the appearance of guitarist Ace Frehley and the first time that KISS did not tour to support the album.

KISS made a handful of public appearances to promote the album including an appearance on the late-night variety show called Fridays (performing “A World Without Heroes”, “I” and “The Oath”), on Solid Gold (performing “A World Without Heroes” where you can actually see a tear run down Gene’s face in the video and “I”), and a lip-synched performance of “I” from Studio 54 broadcast via satellite to the Sanremo Festival in Italy.  Ace Frehley was absent for the Studio 54 appearance, so KISS performed the song as a trio.

The album’s story involves the recruitment and training of a young hero by the Council of Elders who belong to the Order of the Rose, a mysterious group with the sole purpose of fighting evil. The hero is guided by Morpheous, an elderly caretaker who guides the boy to overcome his doubts and become confident and self-assured. The last song on the album “I” contains a passage in which Morpheus declares to the Elders that the boy is ready to undertake his odyssey.

Often I hear differences of opinion from KISS fans about Music from “The Elder”.  Some seem to like it, others think it’s the worst album KISS has ever made and even Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have admitted they may have not thought this album out thoroughly.

Are you a fan of Music from “The Elder”? Check out the performances below:

I – Live from Fridays

A World Without Heroes – Live from Fridays

The Oath – Live from Fridays


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Happy Wednesday Metalheads! Hope you’re having a great week so far. Today we take a trip back to 1983 to the classic first album by Metallica called “Kill ‘Em All” released on Megaforce Records.

The band was planning to name the album “Metal Up Your Ass” with the cover art featuring a toilet bowl and a hand clutching a dagger but was changed after suggestions from Megaforce Records. The new title came about after Cliff Burton said in response to the situation: “Why don’t we just kill ’em all?”

The lineup for “Kill “Em All” includes James Hetfield, Kirk Hammettt, Lars Ulrich and the late Cliff Burton. Dave Mustaine, who was the original guitarist in Metallica received writing credits on four of the songs on the album (“The Four Horsemen” (originally titled “The Mechanix”), “Jump In The Fire”, “Phantom Lord” and “Metal Militia”). The album was ranked number 35 on Rolling Stone’s 1989 list of The 100 Greatest Albums of the ’80s and was listed by Kerrang! magazine at number 29 among the “100 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums of All Time”.

What more can you say but Hit The Lights and Jump In The Fire!!



Happy Friday Metalheads! Today we take a trip back to 1970 to the anniversary of the second album by Black Sabbath called “Paranoid” released 50 years ago on September 18, 1970.

The album which was released 7 months after their debut album, was their only album to hit the UK music charts, until the release of “13” in 2013. Recorded at Regent Sound Studios and Island Studios with producer Rodger Bain, the title track was a last minute addition that was written to complete the album. The band released the song as their first single and it has become one of the most classic songs in heavy metal history.

The band had originally planned to name the album “War Pigs” after the classic song but it was rumored that the record label was afraid of backlash as the Vietnam War was going on during that time. Ozzy Osbourne has debunked this theory in his book “I Am Ozzy” stating that it was changed because “Paranoid” was the first single and the record company felt the album would sell better.

In 2017, after completing their “The End’ tour, the members of Black Sabbath announced that they were officially disbanding. Guitarist Tony Iommi however, has not completely shut the door on the band, noting that he’d be open to one-off shows. Ozzy has also expressed interest in reuniting with the band for a performance at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in their hometown of Birmingham.

Check out the videos below from the classic album:



Also you can check out the classic album here:




Happy Wednesday Metalheads! Today in the final installment of this month’s hair band series we going to take a trip back to 1989 to the debut album by Bang Tango called “Psycho Cafe” for the track “Someone Like You.”

The band which formed in 1988, had been playing in clubs around the Sunset Strip. As the band gained popularity several record labels were interested in the band before they signed with MCA Records. “Someone Like You” received substantial airplay on MTV, especially on Headbanger’s Ball and the album reached #58 on the Billboard 200 chart in 1989. The success of the song and album led to tours with Cheap Trick, L.A. Guns and Bulletboys.

After two more albums the band broke up in 1996, but reformed with original members singer, Joe Leste and bassist Kyle Kyle only.  While they collaborated together in different musical projects, the band once again came to a halt in 1999 and Joe Leste went on to form the band Beautiful Creatures in 2001.

Joe started the band up again in 2003, but he is the only original member of the band currently. There has been talk of a new album, but there is no release date as of yet.

In the meantime, check out the video for “Someone Like You” below



Happy Friday Metalheads! Today we go back to 1989 for a track by the band Nuclear Assault off their third album called “Handle With Care” for the track “Critical Mass.”

Formed in 1984 after bassist Dan Lilker was fired from Anthrax, Nuclear Assault released two demos that helped them secure a multi-album deal with Combat Records and a tour across the United States. Their first two albums on Combat Records were starting to create a buzz, however “Handle With Care” and the video “Critical Mass” became a staple on MTV, most notably on Headbangers Ball. 

One of the best parts of this video is the appearance of the secretary who brought down Televangelist Jim Bakker (husband of Tammy Faye Bakker) and sometime metal video guest star Jessica Hahn who tries her best to show she’s a Nuclear Assault fan! Check out the video below and don’t forget to follow the bouncing yellow circle!




Happy Wednesday Metalheads! Hope you’re having a great week so far. Today we’re going back to 1990 to the self-titled album by German vocalist Doro Pesch for the track “Unholy Love.”

Doro, who fronted the band Warlock from 1982 -1989, changed her style for this album going in more of a solo direction than her debut solo album, “Force Majeure.” Produced by Gene Simmons, the record includes a cover of the KISS song “Only You” from their “The Elder” album. Current KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer, who was in Black n’ Blue at the time, not only played guitar on the album but also also co-produced it as well with Pat Regan.

I interviewed Doro a number of years ago and she was one of the sweetest people I have ever spoken to. She was extremely down to earth and I felt like I had known her my whole life. If you haven’t seen her live, make sure to check her out, she is phenomenal.





L to R: Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Mick Mars and Tommy Lee

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Happy Friday Metalheads! Hope you all had a great week. Today we celebrate the release of one of the most ground breaking metal albums released on September 26, 1983, by the one and only Motley Crue called “Shout at the Devil” on Elektra Records.

This is the album that put Motley Crue on the map and pushed the band to international stardom.  When the album was first released, the band came under fire for not only the use of a pentagram on the cover, but also the album title. Additionally, the band were presumed to be Satan worshipers. Bassist Nikki Sixx  explained in several interviews that the title is “Shout AT the Devil”  not with the devil and was surprised that others seemed to get a different impression. To quell the controversy, when future editions of the album were released, the cover was changed to pictures of the 4 members of the band.


Shout at the Devil reached #17 on the Billboard 200 chart and the songs “Looks That Kill” and “Too Young to Fall in Love” were chart hits as well. The videos for both songs were extremely popular on Headbanger’s Ball on MTV .

The track listing for “Shout at the Devil” is as follows:

  1. In The Beginning
  2. Shout at the Devil
  3. Looks That Kill
  4. Bastard
  5. God Bless the Children of the Beast (instrumental)
  6. Helter Skelter (Beatles cover)
  7. Red Hot
  8. Too Young to Fall in Love
  9. Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid
  10. Ten Seconds to Love
  11. Danger

“In the Beginning” is narrated by engineer and producer Geoff Workman, who worked with such bands as Queen, Twisted Sister and Journey to name a few.

While the band has vowed and signed a contract that they will never tour as Motley Crue again, band recorded songs for the movie adaptation of their autobiography “The Dirt.” The Crue legacy lives on and this album will NEVER get old!





Happy WednesdayMetalheads!! Today we take a trip back to 1989, to the self titled first album by Badlands for the song “Dreams In The Dark”.

The album which features Ray Gillen – vocals, Eric Singer – drums, Jake E. Lee – guitars and Greg Chaisson – bass was one of the best breakout albums selling 400,000 copies by 1990, landing them on the Billboard Chart at #57. The video for “Dreams In The Dark” was also played in heavy rotation on MTV.

The band released their second album “Voodoo Highway” in 1991, but the band lineup had changed due to Eric Singer leaving to join Paul Stanley on his solo tour, which led to his future role in KISS, after the death of Eric Carr. Gillen and Lee’s friendship began to fall apart and Gillen was eventually fired. Although Lee tried to keep the band going, they eventually disbanded.

Gillen, who had been diagnosed with HIV, passed away in 1993. Jake E. Lee formed Red Dragon Cartel in 2013, while Greg Chaisson still plays with original and cover bands and coaches baseball in Arizona.



iron maiden clive

Happy Friday Metalheads! Hope you’re having a great week. Today we take a trip back to one of the most classic songs by Iron Maiden from their third studio album called “The Number of the Beast’ for the track “Hallowed Be Thy Name.”

The track written by Steve Harris documents a prisoner being hanged for his crimes. This is one of Iron Maiden’s most popular songs and a concert staple because it’s one of the band’s favorite songs to play live. “Hallowed Be Thy Name” is also one of the most covered songs in their catalog with versions by Cradle of Filth, Iced Earth and Dream Theater to name a few.

The band were sued twice over a section of the lyrics that were taken from the British band Beckett’s 1973 song “Life’s Shadow.” Both cases were settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

The song reached #9 on the UK music chart and #16 on the Irish music chart. Iron Maiden also re-recorded it for use in the UK on Channel 4’s 2007 series “Live From Abbey Road” as well as a version for BBC Radio which was used as a B side on the single of “The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg” from the “A Matter of Life and Death” album released in 2014.

Check out the original album track as well as a live version at Hammersmith Odeon in the UK from 1982 while the band were on the “Beast on the Road” tour for the album.