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Today we take a trip back to 1982 to the eighth album by the Scorpions called “Blackout” released on EMI Records in Germany and Mercury Records in the USA.

During the recording of the album, vocalist Klaus Meine had lost his voice and had to undergo surgery on his vocal cords. Unsure if he would be able to complete the recording of the album, the band recorded demos with Don Dokken but the tracks didn’t end up being used. The album cover which depicts Rudolf Schenker portraying artist Gottfried Helnwein’s self portrait of a screaming bandaged man blinded by forks has made this one of the more popular Scorpions t-shirts to date.

The lineup for the Blackout album includes: Klaus Meine – vocals, Matthias Jabs and Rudolf Schenker – guitars, Francis Buchholz – bass and Herman Rarebell – drums. The album has been certified both gold and platinum and reached #10 on the Billboard 200 chart in 1982.



Happy Wednesday Metalheads! Today we’re continuing our trip back in time to the metal power ballads that either we loved or hated. Let me know what some of yours are and I’ll feature them in a future post.


L to R: Jeff Pilson, Don Dokken, George Lynch and Mick Brown

Pictures courtesy of wallpaperup.com 

Featured image courtesy of jerrygonzalezart.com

For today’s power ballad, we take a trip back to 1985 to a track off Dokken’s second album “Tooth and Nail” called “Alone Again.” The song chronicles the hurt and depression after a romantic breakup. When asked about the song, singer Don Dokken said that he had written the song when he was 25 but had put it in a box and forgot about it. When the band were working on the “Tooth and Nail” album, their record label had mentioned that power ballads were the next big thing at that time, so Don brought the tape to the studio and along with bassist Jeff Pilson “Alone Again” was born.

The song became the band’s biggest hit and the video was played in heavy rotation on MTV. Shot mostly in black and white, the video shows the band in concert and cuts to Don in his hotel room alone after their shows dealing with the pain of the breakup. See the classic video below: