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Happy Friday Metalheads! Today we take a trip back to 1987 to the final album by the German band Warlock, “Triumph and Agony.”

Warlock released 3 albums prior to “Triumph and Agony.”  When getting ready to record the album, singer Doro Pesch gave up her day job and took charge of  all band business. The album recorded in New York and Philadelphia, became the most successful album by Warlock, going gold in Germany and reaching #80 on the Billboard 200 chart in the US. The tracks “All We Are” and “Für Immer” (Forever) were released as singles and the video for “All We Are” was played in heavy rotation on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, which led to Warlock opening for Dio in Europe and supporting Megadeth in the US. This was their only US tour however, due to a legal battle Doro had with her former manager to retain the use of the name Warlock. The record label insisted she record and publish music under Doro moving forward. She never gave up her fight and in 2011 won the right to use the Warlock name.

The track listing for “Triumph and Agony” is as follows:

1) All We Are
2) Three Minute Warning
3) I Rule The Ruins
4) Kiss of Death
5) Make Time for Love
6) East Meets West
7) Touch of Evil
8) Metal Tango
9) Cold, Cold World
10) Für Immer

Doro has been on the metal scene for over 30 years and is constantly touring throughout the world.



angra secret garden

L to R: Kiko Loureiro, Fabio Lione, Bruno Valverde, Felipe Andreoli and Rafael Bittencourt

Pictures courtesy of Wikipedia and Pinterest

Featured image courtesy of jerrygonzalezart.com

Happy Wednesday Metalheads! Today we continue our Power Metal Mania series with the eighth studio album by Brazillian metallers, Angra called “Secret Garden”.

angra secret garden album

This is the first album with their new singer, Rhapsody of Fire’s Fabio Lione and new drummer Bruno Valverde. Guitarist Rafael Bittencourt handles some of the vocal duties on this album and the album also includes guest appearances by Simone Simmons from Epica and Doro Pesch.

This is one of my favorite albums by Angra and while the whole album stands out to me, some of my favorite tracks include: Newborn Me, Black Hearted Soul, Final Light and Storm of Emotions. They also do a cover of The Police’s Synchronicity II song which Fabio and Rafael trade vocals on the song.

While Angra did an extensive tour of this album, founding member and guitarist Kiko Loureiro left the band after the tour to join Megadeth and was replaced with Brazilian guitarist Marcelo Barbosa.

Check out the videos below for “Final Light”, “Black Hearted Soul” and “Synchronicity II”: