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Happy Wednesday Metalheads. This month it’s all about the ladies who rock in honor of National Women’s Month. Today let’s start with a trip back to 1988 to the self titled- album by a woman who always rocks as hard as the boys, “Lita.”

The album became one of Lita’s most successful albums and produced the hit singles “Kiss Me Deadly” and “Close My Eyes Forever”, her duet with Ozzy Osbourne. Produced by Mike Chapman (Blondie, The Knack), the track listing is as follows:

  • Back to the Cave
  • Can’t Catch Me
  • Blueberry
  • Kiss Me Deadly
  • Falling in and Out of Love
  • Fatal Passion
  • Under the Gun
  • Broken Dreams
  • Close My Eyes Forever

“Can’t Catch Me” was co-written with Lemmy Kilmister and keyboardist, David Erzin, while “Falling In And Out Of Love” was co-written with Nikki Sixx. “Close My Eyes Forever” is Lita’s most successful song to date reaching #8 on the Billboard Top 100.

Lita went on hiatus for many years to tend to her family with former Nitro singer, Jim Gillette. She released her comeback album, “Wicked Wonderland” in 2009, her collaborative effort with Gillette. In 2011, Lita went back to her roots for her next album, “Living Like a Runaway”, which reflected on her split with Gillette, her children and her truce with her former Runaways bandmates. She followed up in 2016 with her next album “Time Capsule” which was a compilation of recordings she had done in the 80’s with a few notable musicians including Gene Simmons, Bruce Kulick and Dave Navarro to name a few.





Today we take a trip back to 1984 to the self-titled debut album by Black ‘n Blue for the song “Hold on to 18.”

Originally formed in Portland, Oregon by childhood friends Jamie St. James and future KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer. “Hold on to 18” received substantial airplay on the radio and MTV and led Black ‘n Blue to release 3 additional albums, before their break-up in 1989. The albums, “Nasty, Nasty” and “In Heat” were produced by Gene Simmons.

Black ‘n Blue reunited a few times and the band is still on the scene today. They released their 5th studio album, “Hell Yeah” in 2011 and have more plans for touring in the future.

Check out the classic video below for the song “Hold on to 18”


Today’s Metal Rewind is dedicated to Paul Charles Caravello, better known as KISS drummer Eric Carr, who passed away on November 24, 1991 from heart cancer. 


Pictures Courtesy of Pinterest

Carr, who was born in East New York and had been involved in several bands, sent in his audition tape after Peter Criss had left the band, in a bright orange folder to make it stand out. At the audition, Eric asked if the other members of KISS would autograph the list of KISS songs he was asked to play in case he didn’t see them again. The rest is history, although the band didn’t exactly tell him he had gotten the gig. Paul Stanley had revealed in a later interview that they told him that they were playing in two weeks. Carr made his debut with KISS in 1980 on a show called Kids Are People Too and the band performed their first show with Carr at the Palladium in July of 1980.

Originally Carr wanted to use the stage persona of The Hawk, however the makeup was not easy to recreate in greasepaint and the stage costume was a bright orange yellow, which Paul Stanley had noted made him look like Big Bird. The hawk idea was shelved and Eric came up with his fox makeup a few weeks before his debut. His stage name came after he had originally considered using Rusty Blade which Simmons didn’t really want him to use. He shortened his last name and used Eric from a list of names his girlfriend had given him. When KISS announced that he was the new drummer, they subtracted three years from his age to maintain his “secret” identity and confuse those who may have been trying to find out more about him.

Carr’s first album with KISS’s was their 1981 album, Music from “The Elder” and he played with KISS up until his death in 1991. Even after KISS took their makeup off in 1983, a move that concerned Carr that the band was coming to an end, his popularity with fans soared and he was noted as always approachable and friendly and would often add personal messages to his autographs.

In February of 1991, Carr had started to feel ill and was diagnosed with heart cancer. He had several surgeries and while he was thought to have been in remission, he was still very sick. He begged Gene and Paul to let him be in the video for “God Gave Rock N’ Roll to You II” and they agreed. His last public performance was at the MTV Music Awards in September of 1991. Ironically, he passed away the same day as Freddie Mercury from Queen.

Rest in Peace Eric and check out the YouTube video for Eric Carr – Tale of the Fox below:




L to R: Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Carr and Ace Frehley

Pictures courtesy of Wikipedia

Happy Friday Metalheads! Today we’re going back to 1981 to the ninth studio album by KISS titled Music From “The Elder”. This was the last album to mark the appearance of guitarist Ace Frehely and the first time that KISS did not tour to support the album.

KISS made a handful of public appearances to promote the album including an appearance on the late-night variety show called Fridays (performing “A World Without Heroes”, “I” and “The Oath”), on Solid Gold (performing “A World Without Heroes” where you can actually see a tear run down Gene’s face in the video and “I”), and a lip synched performance of “I” from Studio 54 broadcast via satellite to the Sanremo Festival in Italy.  Ace Frehley was absent for the Studio 54 appearance, so KISS performed the song as a trio.

The album’s story involves the recruitment and training of a young hero by the Council of Elders who belong to the Order of the Rose, a mysterious group with the sole purpose of fighting evil. The hero is guided by Morpheous, an elderly caretaker who guides the boy to overcome his doubts and become confident and self assured. The last song on the album “I” contains a passage in which Morpheus declares to the Elders that the boy is ready to undertake his odyssey.

Often I hear differences of opinion from KISS fans about Music from “The Elder”.  Some seem to like it, others think it’s the worst album KISS has ever made and even Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have admitted they may have not thought this album out thoroughly.

Are you a fan of Music from “The Elder”? Check out the performances below:

I – Live from Fridays

A World Without Heroes – Live from Fridays

The Oath – Live from Fridays


Photo Courtesy of Rolling Stone

Welcome all to October and to my favorite holiday of the year, HALLOWEEN!! This month, the focus is on all things spooky and scary. Trick or treat!!

Today we’re going back to Halloween night 1979, to a show called Tomorrow hosted by TV personality, Tom Snyder with special guests KISS. The interview begins with guitarist Ace Frehley, who is visibly very drunk in the interview, teasing Synder about his mispronunciation of bass when describing Gene Simmons role in the band by saying that Gene is the “trout player” of KISS, before correcting him, much to the dismay of Paul and Gene.

As the interview continues, Paul and Gene try to have a serious interview but Ace steals the show with his laugh and jokes about everything from his “Space Ace” costume to his wild behavior while on tour. At one point when Snyder asks if Frehley is kind of like a space man, Ace responds without skipping a beat saying, “No, actually I’m a plumber.” The look of anger on Gene’s face is clear and Paul is desperately trying to hide his disdain with Ace’s behavior.

Soon after this interview, drummer Peter Criss left the band and Ace was gone soon after. While the band did reunite for a full-scale reunion tour in 1996, many of the old scars still remained and Peter and Ace were once again out of the band a few years later. When the band was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014, the original four members showed up, but did not play due to differences as to who should play at the ceremony. Paul and Gene felt that the induction should be inclusive of all the members of KISS past and present but both Ace and Peter expressed their desire to play if they had the chance in various interviews after the ceremony.

KISS recently announced they are planning their final farewell tour with current members, guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer called “One Last Kiss: End of the Road World Tour.”

Check out the interview below from Tomorrow with Tom Snyder and Ace’s wild behavior!