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Hey Metalheads! Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re having a great week so far. This month I want to hear from you guys about your favorites. Each week I’ll post two bands to choose from and let us know in the comments below who’s your favorite and I”ll reveal my favorites as well. Let’s get started for this week:



Paul Natkin

L to R; Cliff Burton, Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield




L to R: Gar Samuelson, Dave Mustaine, Dave Ellefson and Chris Poland

I look forward to reading your responses. Have a METAL week! Horns up!



Paul Natkin Archive

Today we take a trip back to 1983 to the classic first album by Metallica called “Kill ‘Em All” released on Megaforce Records.

The band was planning to name the album “Metal Up Your Ass” with the cover art featuring a toilet bowl and a hand clutching a dagger but was changed after suggestions from Megaforce Records. The new title came about after Cliff Burton said in response to the situation: “Why don’t we just kill ’em all?”

The lineup for “Kill “Em All” includes James Hetfield, Kirk Hammettt, Lars Ulrich and the late Cliff Burton. Dave Mustaine, who was the original guitarist in Metallica received writing credits on four of the songs on the album (“The Four Horsemen” (originally titled “The Mechanix”), “Jump In The Fire”, “Phantom Lord” and “Metal Militia”). The album was ranked number 35 on Rolling Stone’s 1989 list of The 100 Greatest Albums of the ’80s and was listed by Kerrang! magazine at number 29 among the “100 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums of All Time”.

What more can you say but Hit The Lights and Jump In The Fire!!


Happy Metal Wednesday. Continuing on with the Halloween spirit we take a trip back to 1986 to the second album by Metal Church called “The Dark.” This was the last Metal Church album to feature the lineup of  David Wayne – vocals, Kurdt Vanderhoof  and Craig Wells – guitars, Duke Erickson – bass and Kirk Arrington – drums.

metalchurchsong the dark

Pictures Courtesy of Flickr

The album dedicated to Metallica bassist Cliff Burton focuses on such dark themes as death and struggle. The band’s first music video for “Watch The Children Pray” received substantial airplay on MTV’s Headbangers Ball and the song “Ton of Bricks” was used as the opening song for Charlie Sheen’s 1987 movie ” No Man’s Land.” The track listing for The Dark is as follows:

  1. Ton Of Bricks
  2. Start The Fire
  3. Method To Your Madness
  4. Watch The Children Pray
  5. Over My Dead Body
  6. The Dark
  7. Psycho
  8. Line Of Death
  9. Burial At Sea
  10. Western Alliance

In 1998, Metal Church reunited with original singer David Wayne, however their reunion was short-lived when Wayne left the band for the second time in 2001. Sadly he passed away in 2005 due to complications from a car crash. While the band had called it quits in 2009, they reformed in 2012 with singer Ronny Munroe. Ronny however departed in 2014 and the band announced that singer Mike Howe, who sang with the band from 1988-1994 would officially rejoin the band. Currently, Metal Church are getting ready to release a new album this coming December called “Damned If You Do.”

Check out the video for “Watch The Children Pray” below:


It’s Metal Wednesday and continuing my Top 5 countdown at #3 is a band that needs no further introduction other than:


Megadeth early band

Left to Right: Dave Mustaine, Gar Samuelson, Chris Poland and Dave Ellefson

Born out of the firing of guitarist Dave Mustaine from Metallica, Megadeth have proven that they have what it takes to cement their spot in thrash metal history. The band have released 15 studio albums to date and are known for their technical style of playing which includes complex arrangements and fast rhythm sections.

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has never been shy to speak his mind on anything and many of their classic songs including “Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying”, “Holy Wars…The Punishment Due” and “Hangar 18” to name a few, reflect issues such as war, politics and religion. Now a born again Christian, Mustaine has said that certain songs from their catalog going forward would be left out of their live sets.

Megadeth has had several lineup changes over their career, including Dave Mustaine dissolving Megadeth for awhile while he recovered from a hand injury. Dave Ellefson also left the band for eight years due to personal and professional differences and sued Dave Mustaine in 2004. Mustaine countersued and the case was settled out of court, however both have patched up their differences and Ellefson rejoined the band. Currently the band, which includes original members Dave Mustaine and Dave Ellefson, along with Kiko Loureiro on guitar and Dirk Verbeuren on drums are slated to record a new album sometime later this year with an early 2019 release planned.

Can you put a price on peace?

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