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Happy Wednesday Metalheads! Hope you’re having a great week so far. To continue our “Metal Women Who Rock” series, today we’re going back to 1990 to the self-titled album by German vocalist Doro Pesch for the track “Unholy Love.”

Doro, who fronted the band Warlock from 1982 -1989, changed her style for this album going in more of a solo direction than her debut solo album, “Force Majeure.” Produced by Gene Simmons, the record includes a cover of the KISS song “Only You” from their “The Elder” album. Current KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer, who was in Black n’ Blue at the time, not only played guitar on the album but also also co-produced it as well with Pat Regan.

I interviewed Doro a number of years ago and she was one of the sweetest people I have ever spoken to. She was extremely down to earth and I felt like I had known her my whole life. If you haven’t seen her live, make sure to check her out, she is phenomenal.




Today we take a trip back to 1984 to the self-titled debut album by Black ‘n Blue for the song “Hold on to 18.”

Originally formed in Portland, Oregon by childhood friends Jamie St. James and future KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer. “Hold on to 18” received substantial airplay on the radio and MTV and led Black ‘n Blue to release 3 additional albums, before their break-up in 1989. The albums, “Nasty, Nasty” and “In Heat” were produced by Gene Simmons.

Black ‘n Blue reunited a few times and the band is still on the scene today. They released their 5th studio album, “Hell Yeah” in 2011 and have more plans for touring in the future.

Check out the classic video below for the song “Hold on to 18”


Photo Courtesy of Rolling Stone

Welcome all to October and to my favorite holiday of the year, HALLOWEEN!! This month, the focus is on all things spooky and scary. Trick or treat!!

Today we’re going back to Halloween night 1979, to a show called Tomorrow hosted by TV personality, Tom Snyder with special guests KISS. The interview begins with guitarist Ace Frehley, who is visibly very drunk in the interview, teasing Synder about his mispronunciation of bass when describing Gene Simmons role in the band by saying that Gene is the “trout player” of KISS, before correcting him, much to the dismay of Paul and Gene.

As the interview continues, Paul and Gene try to have a serious interview but Ace steals the show with his laugh and jokes about everything from his “Space Ace” costume to his wild behavior while on tour. At one point when Snyder asks if Frehley is kind of like a space man, Ace responds without skipping a beat saying, “No, actually I’m a plumber.” The look of anger on Gene’s face is clear and Paul is desperately trying to hide his disdain with Ace’s behavior.

Soon after this interview, drummer Peter Criss left the band and Ace was gone soon after. While the band did reunite for a full-scale reunion tour in 1996, many of the old scars still remained and Peter and Ace were once again out of the band a few years later. When the band was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014, the original four members showed up, but did not play due to differences as to who should play at the ceremony. Paul and Gene felt that the induction should be inclusive of all the members of KISS past and present but both Ace and Peter expressed their desire to play if they had the chance in various interviews after the ceremony.

KISS recently announced they are planning their final farewell tour with current members, guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer called “One Last Kiss: End of the Road World Tour.”

Check out the interview below from Tomorrow with Tom Snyder and Ace’s wild behavior!